relocation counseling

work & wellness

While changing jobs is a challenge of its own, moving to another country to start a new position is an enterprise that takes a toll on professional performance and personal wellness. It means not only big changes in personal life, but also culture shock, physiological stress and related cognitive phenomena (e.g. decrease in creativity, negative bias or narrow attention span).  All of those factors influence productivity, work engagement and general wellbeing.

We provide psychological support to relocated professionals and their family members, to keep balance at home and at workplace.

We offer:

  • Change management related to personal experience.

  • Individual support in cultural adaptation to new country and surroundings.

  • Personal counselling in stress management and support for wellness.

  • Psychological emergency assistance.
  • Corporate communication programs and workshops targeting relocation issues.

We help employees stay motivated, engaged and facilitate their integration with their new team.