corporate consulting

business advisory

We provide project management, complex training programs and individual support.
As a result of our work, organisations become more engaging and change-agile.
We work with emotions, motivations, beliefs and habits in order to correct and develop desired behaviours.

We make sure that our solutions support business strategy, are cost-effective and equip your organisation with practical knowledge and skills.

Our approach is based on neuropsychology: we understand human weaknesses and strengths and we address them theoretically and practically. As a result, our clients get a better understanding of themselves within corporate processes and learn to better manage themselves and others.

project management

  • We will schedule and support or conduct people’s management through any organisational change.
  • We will measure and recommend changes in internal communication, organizational culture, employee engagement practices and change agility of your company


  • We will teach HR how to manage employee engagement and organisational culture
  • We will teach managers how to be effective leaders, with special focus on sustainable employee engagement and change agility
  • We will teach employees how to manage themselves in order to be more engaged and develop change agility

individual support

  • We will coach and consult professionals from your organisation in areas of change agility, engaging leadership and organisational culture