our mission, vision and values

Our mission is to support organisations and individuals in creating sustainable engagement and building change agility. Application of these two abilities allows to schedule and manage development of desired individual skills, successful implementation of organisational changes and strengthening of organisational culture.

Our vision is rooted in our own professional experiences, general neuroplasticity of human brain and the individual connection we create with our clients. We work combining business management principles, neuropsychological scientific research and individual, flexible approach to your specific needs.

Our values

  • Measurability: we don’t promise “pie in the sky” – we schedule and deliver solutions aligned with your business or personal strategy, we provide added value and sustainable results.
  • Integrity: we practice what we preach – we use our knowledge in everyday life, we maintain highest moral standards and we take responsibility for our work.
  • Neutrality: we don’t take sides – we stand for science and assertiveness, we remain impartial and do our best to avoid biases.
  • Development: we strive to deliver new, better quality to individuals and organisations.